My House Looks Nicer with New Gutters

When I decided to buy new gutters for my house, I went online to see what my options were. I had purchased steel gutters when I first bought the house, and I honestly thought that they would have held up better. I had heard about aluminium guttering, so I wanted to see what made it so much better than steel. I was able to find a company’s website that explained it perfectly. The Gutter Guys site detailed exactly why aluminium gutters are better, and I liked that I could see pictures as well.

There were two things that I really liked about the Colortuff gutters. The first one is that they cannot rust because of the material that they are made from. Marine-grade aluminium is used, which is the same thing that some boats are made from. I knew that if a boat owner can trust this type of aluminium, then I could certainly do the same. Also, this company does not handle corners the same way most others do, which I really liked as well. The majority will use cast corners that show their wear and tear within months. The Gutter Guys make their corners on the job site, and they look so much better.

They are also stronger than steel gutters, since they are nearly twice as thick. I was also able to choose the color I want from a nice variety. The colors range from Smooth Cream to Mist Green with colors like Dark Grey, Storm Blue and Heritage Red in the middle. I really liked how the green gutters looked on the pictures, and I knew that it would complement the paint on my house, so I went ahead and placed an order. The team who installed it was courteous and professional, and they were also very fast! My house looks so much nicer now, all thanks to new gutters.